Resource-Aware Communication Systems

Book Title: Resource-Aware Communication Systems


– Springer

Subject Area:

– Computer Science

Lead Editor:

– Prof. (Dr.) Mario Koeppen

About the Book:

The recent prevalence of modern, high-performance communication technology, invading virtually all aspects of our social, cultural, creative, political, and economic life, stays in a sharp imbalance in how we perceive that technology as being based on resource utilization. For short, the resources needed to fuel that development appear to be unlimited, auto-replenishing, and always immediately available, services at your fingertip. But it only needs a bit of scratching on the surface of things to see that this is truly not the case.

In spite of constant efforts invested in this direction including the well-known Arrows theorem stating that any fair voting is a dictatorship, with many generalizations, leaving the impression that such studies are ill-posed and at least theoretical we will not be able to tackle a resource-sharing problem in a perfect or tractable way. The advance in computer hardware architectures starting in the 80s, and 90s of the last century fueled the basic problem of judicious sharing of CPU resources time and memory among concurrent tasks. Although a big boost to solve this issue came up with the spread of modern wireless communication technologies including ways and methods to share bandwidth, quickly respond to changing demands, service a scalable number of users, as well as provide and smartly use energy, yet several sidetracks are still not followed up like open ends, things open to other ways of interpretation and models. To be precise, the research situation is not well-centered and the attention paid is not sufficient.

The proposed volume is intended to emerge as a reflection of the state of the art of methodology, foundations, and real-world situations for the special case of communication systems under the aspect of resource utilization, sharing, and maintenance.

Theoretical contributions, case studies, survey and review papers, reports on novel engineering efforts, position papers, and background tutorials are being solicited on the following topics but not limited to:

– computational fairness, of all shades, balancing efforts, trade-offs with system efficiency, theory

– communication technology for social decision-making, voting, and choice

– green energy utilization in communication systems

– resource-aware communication protocol design

– sensor, IoT, and other networked facilities scheduling

– measurement, sensing, and evaluation of resource awareness, waste alerts, resource usage visualization

– resource networking models and principles

– resource add-ons on privacy, security, trust schemes, repair, backup, migration

– models for resource utilization, distribution, and access

– the impact of Covid-19 pandemics on communication, future expectations

– the prospect of using XAI, Machine Learning, Computational Intelligence, and Soft Computing


Important Dates:

Chapter Proposal Submission: October 15, 2022

Full Chapter Submission: December 31, 2022

Review Notification: January 31, 2023

Final Chapter Submission: February 28, 2023


Interested contributors may get in touch with the lead book editor Prof. (Dr.) Mario Koeppen ( with a one-page extended abstract mentioning the Title, and author list with affiliations.


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Resource-Aware Communication Systems

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