Intelligent Blockchain Platform for IoT

Book Title
Intelligent Blockchain Platform for IoT

Lead Editor’s Name
Debarka Mukhopadhyay

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Book Title: Intelligent Blockchain Platform for IoT
Publisher: CRC Press, USA
Editors: Debarka Mukhopadhyay, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, Sudipta Roy, Balachandran Krishnan

Dear Colleagues,

We are coming up with an edited volume on Intelligent Blockchain Platform for IoT to be published by CRC Press, USA in 2021.

The volume is aimed to cover a strong foundation of blockchain as a platform together with application of AI for the IoT industry incorporating real-life case studies. It would cover various topics such as basic to most advanced blockchain platforms, implementations of sophisticated artificial intelligence concepts etc.

The proposed volume is aimed to introduce the basic concepts of blockchain technology and its applications to varied domains to the intended readers.  The book also intends to introduce intelligent blockchain platforms by way of infusing elements of computational intelligence. Insights into real-life IIoT applications would help the readers assimilate the concepts with ease.

Quality original contributions are solicited from prospective contributors in one or more of the following topics, but not included to:

  1. Blockchain basics, blockchain for Internet of Things
    2. Challenges and Issues with Blockchain based services, Blockchain Specifics
    3. Intelligent Decision Making in AI enabled Blockchain-enabled IoT
    4. Vulnerabilities in Blockchain-enabled IoT deployments
    5. HCI in B-IoT application development
    6. Blockchain Storage Management Issues
    7. Blockchain Storage Management Issues
    8. Intelligent B-IoT platform based authentication
    9. B-IoT based IIoT
    10. Applications of B-IoT in social networking, decentralized autonomous organizations, energy, smart grid, logistics, transportation, supply chain, monetization, e-business, notarization, egovernment, healthcare, commerce, insurance, finance, banking, education, learning, crowdsourcing and crowd sensing applications.

Important Dates:
Submission of Proposal: March 15, 2021
Full chapter submission: May 30, 2021
Review Notification: June 30, 2021
Camera-Ready Submission: July 31, 2021

Interested contributors may send a one-page abstract with title and author details to

Looking forward to your valuable contributions.

Best regards,

Intelligent Blockchain Platform for IoT

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