Blockchain Based Internet of Things

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Debashis De

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Book Title: BLOCKCHAIN BASED INTERNET OF THINGS: Algorithms, Architectures and Applications
Publisher: Springer (Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies); SCOPUS indexed

Dear Colleagues,

We are coming up with an edited volume titled BLOCKCHAIN BASED INTERNET OF THINGS: Algorithms, Architectures and Applications to be published by Springer in 2021.

Chapter proposals are invited on the following topics.

Blockchain fundamentals
Secure and consensus distributed security solution for IoT applications
Challenges and Issues with Blockchain based services
IoT environment issues: sharing, network monitoring, security, content distribution, provenance
Low Complexity Blockchain based distributed protocols
Complexity-minimal Consensus and Blockchain-based distributed protocols in IoT
Intelligent Decision Making in AI enabled B-IoT
AI augmented blockchain-enabled IoT
Vulnerabilities in B-IoT deployments
Performance analysis of B-IoT deployments
Blockchain Specifics: Public, Private and Consortium/Federated/Permissioned blockchain
HCI in IoT blockchain-aware application development
Blockchain Storage Management
Decentralized database deployments
Efficient Management of IoT devices
Identity management in IoT
Blockchain-enabled IoT in SDN
Distributed SDN control in B-IoT
Blockchain absed Industrial IoT
Integration in fog, edge and cellular networks for IIoT communications
Hash-Based Blockchain Architecture for IIoT
Quantum Blockchain for Internet of Things
Applications in social networking, decentralized autonomous organizations, energy, smart grid, logistics, transportation, supply chain, monetization, e-business, notarization, egovernment, healthcare, commerce, insurance, finance, banking, education, learning, crowdsourcing and crowd sensing applications

Important Dates
Chapter Proposal Due: December 25, 2k20
Proposal Acceptance: December 30, 2k20
Full Chapter Submission: February 28, 2k21
Review Notification: March 31, 2k21
Final Submission: April 30, 2k21

Chapter proposals may be forwarded to

Looking forward to your valuable contributions to enrich the scholarly content of the proposed volume.


BLOCKCHAIN BASED INTERNET OF THINGS: Algorithms, Artichectures and Applications
D De,S Bhattacharyya,Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues

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