Recent Trends in Computational Intelligence Enabled Research

Book Title
Recent Trends in Computational Intelligence Enabled Research

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Siddhartha Bhattacharyya

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Book Title: Recent Trends in Computational Intelligence Enabled Research
Publisher: Elsevier

Dear Colleagues,

We are coming up with an edited volume titled Recent Trends in Computational Intelligence Enabled Research to be published by Elsevier in early 2021. We request your consideration to submit quality contributions related to computational
intelligence to the volume. Interested contributors may submit a two-page extended abstract mentioning the title and list of authors to by June 30, 2020. Full chapters are expected by August 30, 2020. The deadline for submission of the final manuscript to the publisher is October 31, 2020.

Topics include but not limited to:

Swarm Intelligence [group foraging of social insects, cooperative transportation, division of labor, nest-building of social insects, collective sorting and clustering, multi-objective optimization]
Control, Robotics, Automation & Vision [production planning, robotic movements, design of robotic manipulators, swarm robotics, obstacle avoidance and target acquisition, expert system design, modelling, simulation and optimization of manufacturing systems, unmanned vehicles]
Machine Intelligence [communication techniques, data mining, autonomic computation, web intelligence, internet of things, intelligent control systems, human computer interaction, multiagent systems and distributed artificial intelligence]
Nanoscience & Advanced Computing [VLSI design, fault tolerance and embedded systems, modelling and simulation of devices]
Modelling & Simulation [knowledge-based simulation, interaction paradigms and human factors, high performance computing, computer games and simulation, VR and simulation, agent based simulation, simulation of intelligent systems]
Signal Processing [radar signal and data processing, speech, image and video processing, mixed and multidimensional signal processing, information theory and coding, mobile databases, antennas and propagation, sensor networks, mobile ad hoc networking, big data analytics]
Communication, Networking & Information Engineering [mobile computing, intelligent network management, cryptography, intelligent sensor design, pattern recognition, data mining and knowledge discovery, network robotics]
Optical Engineering [optical computing, optical image processing, optical shop testing, intelligent wavelength assignment, intelligent photonics and lighting systems, optical communication systems and networks, designing and management of optical networks, DWDM, photonics, advanced networks and switching]
Bioinformatics & Biomedical Engineering [protein structure prediction and molecular simulation, gene expression analysis, data visualization, algorithms, modelling and simulation of bio-sets, bio-imaging, signalling and computation, biomedical imaging, image processing & visualization, biomedical robotics and mechanics, computer assisted medical diagnostic systems, bio-signal processing and analysis of MRI/CT/ECG signals, biometrics and bio-measurements]
Environmental Engineering [environmental pollution and remediation, environmental restoration and ecological engineering, environmental sustainability, hazardous substances and detection techniques, toxicity assessment and epidemiological studies, quality guidelines, environmental regulation and monitoring, wastewater and sludge treatment, air
pollution and control, industrial wastewater treatment, solid waste management, recycling and reuse]
Innovative Intelligent Systems & Applications [intelligent manufacturing systems, intelligent techniques for signal, image and information processing, modelling and optimization of systems and processes, medical innovative technologies]
Adaptive Technologies for Sustainable Growth [adaptive intelligent systems, intelligent controllers, bitcoin and blockchain]

Important Dates
Chapter proposal submission: June 30, 2020
Full chapter submission: August 30, 2020
Publication: March 2021

Please feel free to circulate this call for chapters to interested colleagues/peers.

Best regards,

Siddhartha Bhattacharyya
Paramartha Dutta
Indrajit Pan
Anirban Mukherjee
Debabrata Samanta

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