Hybrid Quantum Metaheuristics: Theory and Applications

Book Title
Hybrid Quantum Metaheuristics: Theory and Applications

Lead Editor’s Name: Siddhartha Bhattacharyya

Publisher: CRC Press, UK

Dear Colleagues,
We are coming up with an edited volume title Hybrid Quantum Metaheuristics: Theory and Applications to be published by CRC Press, UK in 2021.

About the Book
This book aims to bring together recent advances and trends in methodological approaches, theoretical studies, mathematical and applied techniques related to hybrid quantum metaheuristics and their applications to engineering problems. The scope of the book in essence is confined into but not bounded on introducing different novel hybrid quantum metaheuristics for addressing glaring optimization problems ranging from function optimization, data analysis (both discrete and continuous), economic load dispatch, jobshop scheduling, power system optimization, robotic control optimization, signal processing to host of other applications like bioinformatics, gene analysis, biomedical imaging, environmental pollution remediation optimization to name a few. It is also aimed to emphasize the effectiveness of the proposed approaches over the state-of-the-art existing approaches by means of illustrative examples and real life case studies.

We invite your contributions on the following (but not limited to) topics to enrich the technical content of the book.


Foundations of Quantum Computing – Superpositions, Entanglement, Coherence, Measurement, Qubits, Qutrits

Hybrid Quantum Metaheuristics: Building Blocks, Hybrid metaheuristics, Quantum metaheuristics, Quantum inspired metaheuristics and Quantum metaheuristics (QGA, QDE, QACO, QSA, QTabu, QBCO, QEHO, QSMO, QGSA, QRHO), Quantum multi-objective metaheuristic algorithms

Hybrid Quantum Intelligent Systems – Building Blocks – Quantum neuro-evolutionary systems, Quantum fuzzy-evolutionary systems, Quantum neuro-fuzzy-evolutionary systems, Hybrid quantum deep neural networks

Image analysis, data clustering, medical image segmentation, video summarization, information security, bioinformatics, process control, quality control, economic load dispatch, wireless sensor network optimization, robot task allocation, cloud task scheduling, portfolio optimization, logistic management

Chapter proposal: July 31, 2020
Full chapter submission: October 31, 2020
Final camera ready chapter submission: December 31, 2020
Publication of the book: June 2021

Chapter proposals containing tentative title along with author details may be sent to dr.siddhartha.bhattacharyya@gmail.com.

Looking forward to your valuable contributions.

Best regards,

S. Bhattacharyya
M. Koeppen
E. Behrman
I. Cruz
Hybrid Quantum Metaheuristics

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