Cognitive Models for Sustainable Environment

Book Title
Cognitive Models for Sustainable Environment

Lead Editor’s Name
Siddhartha Bhattacharyya

CfC Text

Cognitive Models for Sustainable Environment

Publisher: Elsevier Academic Press

Scope and Objectives of the Book

In the wake of tremendous environmental pollution due to the influx of industrial wastes, a sustainable environment is the need of the hour. Efficient techniques for mitigation of environmental pollution has been always on the helm of affairs given the vast amount of pollutants injected into the environment due to industrial affluent. However, the state-of-the-art methods mainly rely on time intensive and costly batch procedures.
This book unveils intelligent and cognitive models in order to address issues related to effective monitoring of environmental pollution and ushering in a sustainable environmental design. As such, the book focuses on the overall well-being of the global environment for better sustenance and livelihood.

Topics of Interest

Environmental Hazards
Removal of Industrial Pollutants
Isolation Characterization
Influence of Bacteria and Fungus

Batch Data Technologies
Intelligent Decision Making

Sustainability Issues
Sustainable Environment
Environmental Disorder
Green Synthesis

Cognitive Models
Intelligent Prediction Mechanisms
Intelligent Redressal Mechanisms
Bio-sorbent Optimization
Blockchain and IoT Models

Linear and Non-linear Regression Models
Statistical Modeling

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Date of Notification of Chapter Acceptance 05th July, 2020

Date of Receiving of Full Chapter 31st August, 2020

Date of Notification of Chapter Acceptance 20th October, 2020

Date of Receiving Camera Ready Chapter 20th December, 2020

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